Take Action

Call, write, and visit your state legislators. Tell them that school closings won’t save money, will hurt kids, and will mean 36 kids crammed in a classroom, including your child’s classroom.  Tell them to support the moratorium bills HB3283 and SB1571 and the elected school board bill HB2793.

Sign and share Raise Your Hand’s petition “Say No to 36 and Mass School Closings”.

Let people who are not directly affected know that the school closings are wrong, practically and morally. Share the CReATE research briefs on school closures. Share this everyschoolismyschool.org site.  Write a post for us and tell people about it.

Tell everyone you know about the severely emotionally-disturbed students who are expected to take the bus for 11 miles each way to get to their new school. And the “failing” school where kids have been sequencing DNA in their after-school program and where a child has already been killed on the train tracks on the route to their “welcoming” school. And the school that was already moved once in the last five years and has a homeless population of 48%. And about so many more that need and deserve support, not disruption.

Join us for the Every School Solidarity Picnic at noon on Memorial Day, Monday the 27th of May in Millennium Park.

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