Trumbull is a diverse elementary school in Andersonville that serves students from pre-K to 8th grade.  CPS wants to close Trumbull because, according to CPS calculations, the school is only 54% utilized.  The formula that CPS uses only allocates 2 special ed classrooms for each elementary school.  There are 8 special ed classrooms at Trumbull to accommodate the 144 students with special needs.  State laws govern the class size for special ed students and when the formula is adjusted for the actual number of special ed students, Trumbull has an 88% utilization rate!

Special Education
36% of the population at Trumbull have special needs and it is one of the few CPS schools that can accommodate special ed students from pre-K through 8th grade. Studies have proven that consistency is especially important for special ed students and that their education suffers every time they have to move to a new school.   Forcing 144 special ed students to move will be extremely detrimental to them and their education will suffer.  CPS does not currently have a  plan in place to support the 144 special ed students who are at Trumbull.

Community Support
Although enrollment and test scores had been declining at Trumbull, there have been many positive changes in the past two years and the school is on an upward trend.  A new principal began in 2011 and a completely new LSC was elected in 2012.  In previous years, only about 80 people had voted in LSC elections.  In the 2012 LSC election, over 400 people showed up to vote.  The Andersonville community supports Trumbull and the changes they are making.  Closing Trumbull will have a significant negative impact on Andersonville, as well as on Trumbull’s student population.

CPS is not providing accurate information about Trumbull. Read the facts about Trumbull and decide if YOU think that this school should be closed.

Innovative Programming

There are many interesting programs happening at Trumbull.  For example, as part of the Healthy Schools Campaign the gym teacher offers Latin dance lessons to students and teachers.

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